The TakePoint is a scoreboard crafted specifically for backgammon players. Great effort has been put into creating a scoreboard that is both minimalistic in its appearance and strongly built. The metal rings, matte black surface and clean ligible typography all beautifully compliment any backgammon board. The scoreboard features a unique system for holding in place the metal rings, as well as a shape that allows the cards to sit perfectly on top of each other. And when not in use, TakePoint easily fits into your board. The TakePoint scoreboard is waterproof, so you don't ever have to worry about damages due to spilling water or other beverages.

TakePoint has everything you need from a professional backgammon scoreboard: The number of points range from 0-25. The center cards display the match length (1-25) as well as Crawford, Post Crawford and Money Game cards.

When folded out, the TakePoint scoreboard has a perfect triangular shape showing the points from both sides. The points are also visible when recording matches with cameras mounted over the board. Strong tape which funtions as a hinge connects the base plate with the spine.

Made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the TakePoint scoreboard is the perfect compliment to any backgammon board due to its neutral colors and minimalist design. Get your professional backgammon scoreboard today! Click "Buy now" for worldwide orders or "Køb nu" if you reside in Denmark.

"If you want to design great backgammon accesories you have to love the game - and I absolutely love everything about backgammon! A little over a year ago I grew tired of fiddling around with low quality scoreboards made out of cardboard, paper and metal spirals meant for book binding. I thought to myself: 'This amazing game deserves better than that!' so I set out to design an aesthetically pleasing, compact and highly functional backgammon scoreboard. And that's how the TakePoint was born."

- Wilson Semilio, Designer (aka "Joaquim")